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Rebel with a Cause

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Rebel with a Cause

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Bounty hunter Zane Coldridge--infamous, dangerous and revered--does not get distracted. He's renowned for his no-nonsense attitude, and criminals fear the day he comes knocking on their door.But when...
Bounty hunter Zane Coldridge--infamous, dangerous and revered--does not get distracted. He's renowned for his no-nonsense attitude, and criminals fear the day he comes knocking on their door.But when...
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  • Bounty hunter Zane Coldridge--infamous, dangerous and revered--does not get distracted. He's renowned for his no-nonsense attitude, and criminals fear the day he comes knocking on their door.

    But when Zane encounters Missy Lenore Devlin, his resolve is swiftly tested. This ditzy yet innocently beautiful damsel in distress is on the lookout for adventure, and Zane has that in abundance.

    Torn between chivalry and keeping his head in the game, Zane pulls Missy onto his horse and promises her a journey--one that neither could have imagined when the sun rose over the prairie that morning.

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    Cedar County, Nebraska, March 30, 1881

    Shivering and nearly naked in her damp, lacy underwear, Missy Devlin gazed across a prairie that seemed as big and empty as the universe.

    "The Western Adventures of Missy Lenore Devlin and her Intrepid Pup, Muff," she wrote in her brand-new copybook.

    She dipped her pen in the ink bottle, wishing there was a quicker way to write down her story. Life unfolded faster than she could scribble words across a page.

    On only her first full day in the west, adventure had come upon her as easily as a cat comes to cream.

    Mercy if she hadn't fallen bottom-first into a stream rescuing her puppy. Now, here she sat, all alone on God's great prairie in her next-to-nothings waiting for her dress to dry. It was a mishap that would cause any well-bred young lady no end of distress.

    Back home, it was well-known that Missy rarely felt distressed. Truly, she could not have daydreamed a better adventure.

    She blinked away an image of her older brother's frown, intent on savoring the hint of sunshine teasing her bare shoulders. Poor Edwin would turn as red as a Boston sunset if he could see across the miles.

    Her brother had tried, valiantly, she would have to admit, to do his duty and keep her on a socially proper path, but sadly for Edwin, some things were just beyond a sibling's control.

    A crisp wind whined through the rotten slats of wood that tacked together the abandoned wagon she sat upon. She licked her lips, certain that she tasted the green of a thousand acres of newly sprouted grass.

    The pages of her journal rippled over her scandalously and oh-so-delightfully naked knees. She smoothed the paper flat once more and wrote another line.

    "As related to her sister, Suzie," she read out loud.

    Writing tales of adventure was what she had been born to do. Tea parties and cotillions were lovely for her friends, but putting words on paper was what made Missy's heart soar.

    With each page that she wrote the world of black-and-white became more real than the wind nipping at her petticoat.

    Shrill yapping beside the stream nearly disrupted her burst of creativity.

    "Quit that barking, Muff, you'll frighten Number Nine!" she called without glancing up from the inspired text.

    Number Nine, the horse she had rented this morning in Green Island, whinnied as if he agreed. His hooves splashed in the stream where she had tethered him to a nearby bush.

    "Don't make me tie you to the wagon." With no little effort she closed her mind to Muff's racket.

    If Suzie were here to entertain the pup, Missy would not have lost the descriptive phrase that had flitted across her mind. She would have read it out loud to her sister and they would both have admired it.

    Missy's heart squeezed in a bittersweet knot. She pictured her twin sitting, hour upon hour, on the front porch of their stylish home. In spite of the fact that it was a haven of security, of love, Suzie would be gazing west, wondering about Missy's great adventures.

    The telling would be a joy and a burden. She would have to pick brilliant words so that Suzie could live the adventure as though they traveled side by side, the way they had always planned to do.

    Early this morning, while gazing out the window of her hotel in Green Island, she had determined to begin her tale with a description of the crisp spring scene spread before her.

    Seen from the upper floor, the Missouri River cut across land that looked like an endless pasture of rolling green. The hills rose in easy swells and then sloped down just as gently. Scattered...

About the Author-
  • Carol lives with her real life hero and husband, Rick, in Southern California where she was born and raised. She joined Romance Writers of America where she met generous authors who taught her the craft of writing a romance novel. With the knowledge she gained, she sold her first book and saw her life-long dream come true. She enjoys hearing from readers and invites you to contact her at

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Rebel with a Cause
Rebel with a Cause
Carol Arens
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Rebel with a Cause
Rebel with a Cause
Carol Arens
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