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The Burning Edge

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The Burning Edge

Lisa Palmer has barely recovered from the sudden death of her husband when she is drawn into a new nightmare. On her way home from upstate New York, Lisa stops at a service center minutes before an...
Lisa Palmer has barely recovered from the sudden death of her husband when she is drawn into a new nightmare. On her way home from upstate New York, Lisa stops at a service center minutes before an...
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  • Lisa Palmer has barely recovered from the sudden death of her husband when she is drawn into a new nightmare. On her way home from upstate New York, Lisa stops at a service center minutes before an armored car heist. Four men are executed before her eyes--one, an off-duty FBI agent she tried to help. Now Lisa is the FBI's secret witness and the key to finding the fugitive killers.

    FBI agent Frank Morrow leads the investigation of the high-profile case. Hiding a very personal secret, Frank knows this assignment will be like no other he's ever faced...and it could be his last.

    Pressured to land an exclusive, journalist Jack Gannon chases the elusive thread of an anonymous tipster. With every instinct telling Jack the story is within his grasp, he risks everything to reveal the chilling truth...before the cold-blooded killers can take the next step in their vengeful mission.

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    Ramapo, Metropolitan New York City

    Maybe the worst was really over, Lisa Palmer thought, driving home alone to Queens from Upstate New York.

    Her fingers tightened on the wheel. She was trying to get a grip on her life, trying to regain control, but it was hard, so hard. It had been nearly two years since her husband, Bobby, had died, but now, for the first time, Lisa believed that she and her kids would endure.

    They had to.

    They needed to move on with their lives. Selling the cabin in the Adirondacks was the first big step Lisa had taken.

    But was it the right thing to do?

    She glanced at the passenger seat and the slim briefcase holding all the paperwork. A few hours ago she'd closed the sale at the Realtor's office. The new owners, a retired chef and his wife, a florist, from Newark, would take possession in thirty days.

    The cabin was still Lisa's until then.

    She had promised Ethan and Taylor one last visit to the lake. It was important for all of them to say goodbye to this part of their lives. They'd go up to the cabin together in a few weeks. Lisa brushed a tear from her eye. God, the kids loved it there. She did, too. It was on Lake George and so pretty. It had been in Bobby's family since his greatgrandfather bought it in 1957.

    Bobby had treasured the place. Lisa's hand shook when she'd signed the papers and all the way down I-87 she'd begged Bobby to forgive her.

    I had to do it. The insurance is still a mess. The bills keep coming. I can't make ends meet anymore, not on my pay. The cabin was our only asset. I'm so sorry. I have to think of the future; of going on without you.

    She would always love Bobby. But while her aching for him would never stop, she found hope in the thick forests that swept down the hills and rock cuts of the region.

    Suddenly, she felt he was near.

    He was a mechanic who'd quit school to work in a garage in Corona. A kind, good-looking guy who was good with cars. He loved history, always had his nose in a book. It was at this point of the cabin drive that he would say that the lumber and iron from these hills helped build New York City. Then he would tell her how George Washington had climbed one of the rocks out there and watched for British ships down by Sandy Hook.

    Lisa smiled at the memory as her Ford Focus glided down the New York Thruway. After drinking the last of her bottled water, she decided she'd take a break at the new truck stop coming up at the exit for Ramapo, which would put her about an hour or so from home.

    This trip to sell the cabin had overwhelmed her. Along the drive, she thought of her best friend from the old neighborhood, Sophia Gretto. They'd grown up together and were like sisters. Even after Sophia had left Queens for college in California they'd kept in touch. Now Sophia was an executive with a public relations firm. Her husband, Ted, was an entertainment lawyer. No children, two Mercedes and a house on Mulholland Drive. Lisa was a supermarket cashier in Queens who never made it to college.

    When Bobby died, Sophia and Ted flew to New York to be with Lisa and the kids. Ted had been a saint. They'd both been so good to her.

About the Author-
  • Rick Mofina is a former crime reporter and the award-winning author of several acclaimed thrillers. He's interviewed murderers face-to-face on death row and patrolled with the LAPD and the RCMP. His true-crime articles have appeared in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Reader's Digest and Penthouse. He's reported from the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Qatar and Kuwait's border with Iraq. For more information please visit his Web site.

  • James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author on In Desperation "A blisteringly paced story that cuts to the bone. It left me ripping through pages deep into the night."
  • Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author "Hell hath no fury like a mother wronged. In Desperation is a "A superbly written thriller that plumbs the depths of every parent's nightmare. Timely, tense, and terrifying, this book is sure to be a big hit!"
  • Hamilton Spectator on The Panic Zone "Taut pacing, rough action and jagged dialogue feed a relentless pace. The Panic Zone is written with sizzling intent."
  • Dean Koontz, New York Times bestselling author "The Panic Zone is a headlong rush toward Armageddon. Its brisk pace and tight focus remind me of early Michael Crichton."
  • RT Book Reviews on The Panic Zone "Mofina's on top of his game, pulling together a wickedly complicated plot with great skill and assurance. Genuinely chilling."
  • Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author "Vengeance Road is a thriller with no speed limit! It's a great read!"
  • Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author "A gripping no-holds-barred mystery...lightning paced...with enough twists to keep you turning pages well into the wee hours. Vengeance Road is masterful suspense."
  • Publishers Weekly starred review on Six Seconds "[A] well-crafted and timely thriller"
  • James Patterson, New York Times bestselling author "Six Seconds should be Rick Mofina's breakout thriller. It moves like a tornado."
  • Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author "Six Seconds...grabs your gut-and your heart-in the opening scenes and never lets go."
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The Burning Edge
The Burning Edge
Rick Mofina
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The Burning Edge
The Burning Edge
Rick Mofina
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