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Bachelor Unclaimed

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Bachelor Unclaimed

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Are his playboy days over for good?In the wake of political defeat, former mayoral candidate Ainsley St. James does something totally out of character--she has a one-night stand with a seductive...
Are his playboy days over for good?In the wake of political defeat, former mayoral candidate Ainsley St. James does something totally out of character--she has a one-night stand with a seductive...
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  • Are his playboy days over for good?

    In the wake of political defeat, former mayoral candidate Ainsley St. James does something totally out of character--she has a one-night stand with a seductive stranger. Never expecting to see him again, she accepts a job covering a breaking story in Hilton Head, South Carolina...only to discover that the island's most desirable recluse is the lover she has yet to forget.

    Winston Coltrane can't get that incredible night--or the sexy, sophisticated beauty--out of his mind. The marine biologist is developing a secret formula that could be a major medical breakthrough. But there's something Winston is keeping from Ainsley: his feelings for her have grown beyond the bedroom. Kiss by breathtaking kiss, Ainsley is transforming his oceanside sanctuary into a sensual retreat. Will they be able to turn a passionate fling into forever in each other's arms?

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    "So, what brings you across the Port Royal Sound, Win?"

    Winston Coltrane sat across the counter from his childhood friend, Grady Parker, who moonlighted as a bartender at the Sparrow, a popular nightclub located within the Regency Resort in Hilton Head. Winston shrugged and asked, "I need a reason?"

    Grady chuckled. "Hell, yeah. Even when we were kids it was hard to get you off that damn island."

    Winston couldn't help smiling as he took a sip of his Scotch. What Grady said was true. Even leaving Barrett Shores, the ten-thousand-acre barrier island that had been in his family since the end of the Civil War, to attend college hadn't been easy for him. The island had withstood a lot over the years, including several hurricanes and a hostile takeover attempt by a group of developers with plans to transform the island into an exclusive resort community. "Well, I'm here with a room upstairs for the next two nights," he said.

    One of those cheesy grins slid onto Grady's face. "Two nights? Must mean you need to get laid pretty bad. I understand. Happens to the best of us."

    Grady paused from wiping off the counter to add, "If you thought Sophie was going to take care of your horny needs then I hate to disappoint you. She left New Year's Day for Miami."

    A hot liaison with Sophie Causey had been foremost in Winston's mind. He hadn't had a woman in over six months, and he'd counted on those two nights with her. "Who does Sophie know in Miami?"

    "Some cousin who's competing in a tennis tournament. She'll be gone for two weeks."

    Disappointed, Winston took another sip of his drink. His very casual affair with Sophie worked well for him and for her. After Sophie's divorce three years ago, she'd sworn up and down Main Street that she would never marry again and that her only relationship with men would be for pleasure-sex only. Those had been Winston's sentiments exactly. Any thoughts of settling down with one woman had come to a screeching halt in college when a coed by the name of Caroline Darling had shown him just how deceitful some women could be.

    He was about to ask for a refill on his glass of Scotch when something beyond his shoulder made Grady's eyes almost pop out of the sockets. "Hell, if I didn't love my wife so much, I would be all over her. She's hot."

    Curious, Winston jerked around his head, nearly getting whiplash in the process. He let out a low whistle as his gaze roamed up and down the woman who'd just walked through the door. His pulse quickened and a breath was released from his lungs in one heated rush. She was more than hot. The woman was in flames.

    Her hair, a mass of spiral curls, highlighted her cinnamon-toned complexion and made every feature of her face striking. His fingers actually itched at the thought of running through those curls on her head.

    But what really had his erection throbbing big-time was her outfit--a one-sleeved formfitting red mini dress that showed off every curve of her body. And she definitely had the legs for it in those killer red stilettos.

    She had captured the attention of every man in the room, even the musicians who all but stopped playing their instruments to stare at her. But she seemed oblivious to the attention she was getting as she glanced around for an available table.

    "Um, do you think Carol would forgive me if I was unfaithful just this one time?" he heard Grady ask. He knew his friend was joking because Grady loved his wife to distraction.

    "Carol might forgive you but I won't because I'm going to claim that woman tonight for myself, so...

About the Author-
  • A New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning author of more than seventy-five romance titles, Brenda is a recent retiree who divides her time between family, writing and traveling with her husband. Readers may write Brenda at P.O. Box 28267, Jacksonville, Florida 32226, by email at or visit her website at

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Bachelor Unclaimed
Bachelor Unclaimed
Brenda Jackson
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Bachelor Unclaimed
Bachelor Unclaimed
Brenda Jackson
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