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Bending the Rules

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Bending the Rules

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The hardest thing is doing what's rightNathan Devereux's parenting days are over. He raised his siblings, and now he's ready to start living a life free of responsibility. After the year he's had, he...
The hardest thing is doing what's rightNathan Devereux's parenting days are over. He raised his siblings, and now he's ready to start living a life free of responsibility. After the year he's had, he...
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  • The hardest thing is doing what's right

    Nathan Devereux's parenting days are over. He raised his siblings, and now he's ready to start living a life free of responsibility. After the year he's had, he deserves it. But when the daughter he never knew existed and her way too tempting guardian, Emma Sloan, show up, his plans go out the window.

    Nathan can't ignore his daughter...or Emma. Yet having a relationship with them means giving up what he's worked for. Worse, his past is sneaking up behind him and could threaten them all. He faces a choice he's not sure he can make--or even wants to. Turn his back on Emma and his daughter? Or bend the rules to protect them? Either way, their future is at stake.

  • From the book

    Nathan Devereux scowled as he hung the handicapped placard from his rearview mirror. He hated handicapped parking. But if he didn't take this spot, he'd have to park a couple of blocks away. That much walking and his leg would hurt like a son of a bitch by the time he got home.

    Which meant that physical therapy tomorrow would be difficult. Less effective.

    Slamming the car door, he limped to the front of FreeZone. Bright lights illuminated the interior of his sister's teen center, and the groups of people mingling. Frankie and her fiance. Cal, were laughing and talking in the middle of one of them.

    Nathan's dark mood slipped away. Frankie deserved this happiness. She deserved to have all her dreams come true.

    "It's not that scary, is it?" a low voice asked behind him.

    He turned to see a tall woman standing behind him, smiling. Her blond hair was a mass of curls around her face, and dangly silver earrings peeked out of the curls. A tan scarf was intricately wrapped around her neck, and her brown eyes twinkled. "No teens in there right now. It's safe."

    "Right. Because I can actually hear what you're saying." He held the door and watched her walk in ahead of him. Her black leather jacket clung to her curves, and her jeans-clad hips swayed. Her scent was citrusy and sweet. "I was just admiring the, um, the way Frankie and Cal pulled this place together." As the woman turned to face him, he cleared his throat and forced his gaze back to her face.

    "You must be a friend of theirs, then. Most of the donors never saw the old place."

    The blonde's low voice and direct gaze washed over him. The noise in the room faded. "Frankie's brother," he said, holding out his hand. "Nathan Devereux."

    "Emma Sloan." Her hand was slender and cool, and her grip firm. "I work with Frankie occasionally."

    Her eyes were the color of honey. They met his for a moment that stretched a little too long. When she gently tugged her hand away, he released her. "Good to meet you, Emma."

    "You, too. Frankie has a bunch of brothers, doesn't she?"

    "Three of us," Nathan said, his gaze lingering on those expressive eyes. "Which Frankie says is way too many. She claims we're overprotective."

    "Nice to have someone on your side," Emma said lightly, but a momentary shadow swam behind her clear gaze.

    "Feel free to remind Frankie of that," he said, wondering about the shadow.

    Nathan registered the murmur of voices, the clink of champagne glasses passed by waiters and the slam of an air-hockey puck hitting the sides of the table. But he could focus on nothing but the woman in front of him.

    The moment stretched out. Emma broke the eye contact and unzipped her coat. A swirly patterned aqua and green V-necked shirt covered soft curves. A silver pendant with a cutout pattern nestled above a hint of cleavage.

    Nathan wanted to lean closer and examine the pendant.

    "It's nice that you could come to Frankie's open house," Emma said in a husky voice.

    "I wouldn't have missed it." He tore his attention away from Emma and glanced at Frankie, dressed in a blue suit and wearing heels. Even her spiky hair was under control. "Although I want to know who stole my sister and put that businesswoman in her place."

    Emma followed his gaze and smiled. "Yeah. She cleans up nicely."

    She glanced at him, and neither of them spoke for a beat.

    "Well," he began.

    "Nice to have met you," she said at the same time.


About the Author-

  • Margaret Watson is the award-winning, two-time Rita finalist author of thirty Silhouette Intimate Moments and Harlequin Superromances. In her other life, she's a veterinarian who practices in Chicago. She lives in a Chicago suburb with her husband, three daughters and a menagerie of pets.

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Bending the Rules
Bending the Rules
Margaret Watson
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Bending the Rules
Bending the Rules
Margaret Watson
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